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The FSMB Foundation’s Board of Directors is a distinguished group of leaders whose strategic decision-making and guidance steer the organization. The Board sets policies relating to grant decisions, investment, management, governance and professional standards, and ensures that the leadership and resources in place match the Foundation’s vision, mission and goals. Foundation board members bring a vast range of knowledge and experience to the task of governing the foundation.

Janelle A. Rhyne, MD, MA, MACP, Foundation President

Janelle A. Rhyne, MD
President, FSMB Foundation

Arthur S. Hengerer, MD, Foundation Director

Arthur S. Hengerer, MD
Director, Immediate Past Chair, FSMB

Randal C. Manning, MBA, CMBE, Foundation Vice President

Randal C. Manning, MBA
Vice President, FSMB Foundation

Stephen E. Heretick, JD, Foundation Director

Stephen E. Heretick, JD
Director, FSMB Foundation

Hedy L. Chang, Foundation Treasurer

Hedy L. Chang
Treasurer, FSMB Foundation

Patricia A. King, MD, PhD
Director, FSMB

Humayun J. Chaudhry, DO, MS, MACP, FACOI, Foundation Secretary, FSMB President/CEO

Humayun J. Chaudhry, DO
FSMB President/CEO

Ralph C. Loomis, MD, Foundation Director

Ralph C. Loomis, MD
Director, Treasurer, FSMB

Kathleen Haley, JD, Foundation Director

Kathleen Haley, JD
Director, Executive Director,
Oregon, Medical Board