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UA Fees and Process

The Uniform Application has a onetime fee of $60 for initial applications for each license type of MD, DO, or PA. The UA does not charge a fee for any additional or subsequent applications.

To use the UA, select “Uniform Application (UA)” from the Sign In menu here, then sign in and continue as directed.

In addition to completing the core UA online:

  • Refer to the State Instructions included in the UA for application information specific to that state medical board.
  • Submit a notarized UA Affidavit and Authorization for Release of Information form to the state medical board. The UA Affidavit is separate from the FCVS Affidavit and must be sent to the medical board, not to FCVS or FSMB.
  • Have each license you have ever held verified by the medical board of each state that granted you a license. You can determine the fees and verification method for each board by using the licensure verification resource. Use the UA Licensure Verification Form for boards that need a written request. Should the verifying board utilize VeriDoc or another method, use VeriDoc or the preferred method instead of the UA form.

For assistance, please refer to this list of Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not listed, contact UA customer service at 800-793-7939 or with a description of the problem and your user name. If you see an error message during the application process, send a screenshot of the entire error message along with your user name and FCVS ID (if applicable) to