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Physician Data Center

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We have exciting news to share: the Physician Data Center has just launched a revamped user experience, and it's better than ever before. We've worked hard to create a sleek, responsive, and efficient platform that makes accessing physician data a breeze. Please consider making the switch today. Have your primary account manager email us at pdc@fsmb.orgLearn More

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Query Services

Search profiles for actively licensed physicians in the United States, including bio, education, licensure history and past regulatory actions. Our premium profile also includes specialty board certifications.

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Data Licensing

The PDC can provide data licensing agreements for licensure information. To learn more about data licensing and whether it can benefit your organization, email us at for details and pricing. 

Custom Services

PDC offers a variety of custom data applications for higher volume users such as API or other data-exchange solutions. Contact to learn more.