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Spotlight Videos

Interviews with health care leaders about issues impacting state medical boards and their mission of public protection.

Darrell Kirch, MD

FSMB President and CEO, Dr. Hank Chaudhry sits down with Dr. Darrell Kirch, President and CEO of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). 

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Tara Koslov, JD

Tara Koslov of the FTC discusses the impact a Supreme Court decision is having on state medical boards & state-based regulation across the country

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Congressional Testimony

FSMB CEO testifies before Congress on need for improved information sharing between the VA and state medical boards

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Victor Dzau, MD

Victor Dzau, MD, President of the National Academy of Medicine, discusses collaboration with state medical boards

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Gregory Snyder, MD

Gregory Snyder, MD, Chair of the FSMB Board of Directors, discusses the busy year ahead in medical regulation

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Claudette E. Dalton, MD

Claudette E. Dalton, MD, FSMB board member, discusses compounding and physician kickbacks

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J. Daniel Gifford, MD

J. Daniel Gifford, MD, former FSMB board chair, discusses how FSMB workgroups are prepping for future of medical regulation

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Donald Melnick, MD

Donald Melnick, MD, President and CEO of the National Board of Medical Examiners, shares how the NBME and FSMB collaborate on physician assessment

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Aimee Grace, MD

Aimee Grace, MD, Health Policy Advisor at Office of U.S. Senator Brian Schatz, discusses telehealth and improving access to care

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Ralph Loomis, MD

Ralph Loomis, MD, FSMB board member, discusses workgroup on team-based regulation

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Art Hengerer, MD

Art Hengerer, MD, former FSMB board chair, discusses critical role state medical boards play in public protection

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