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FSMB Roundtable

The FSMB Roundtable is a program of monthly conference calls that facilitates communication among member medical and osteopathic boards and FSMB staff. The calls are sponsored by the FSMB and the agenda is developed with input from member boards. These calls provide regular opportunities for member boards to communicate among themselves on current issues, public policy and legislative trends.

Frequently, member boards pose questions that don't relate to formal FSMB policies or have not been researched by FSMB staff. Many times these are questions that have arisen in other states, but finding out where and when can be difficult and time-consuming. Although not the primary focus of the Roundtable calls, they are also an opportunity for FSMB staff to update member boards on FSMB activities and initiatives.

If you would like to participate in a Roundtable discussion, please send an email to expressing interest and the phone number and conference ID will be emailed back to you.